Dark Young One ŻYWICA


We are bringing a fresh look at the Cthulhu Investigator minis. We are all big fans of H.P. Lovecraft universe and mythos. We also love movies, comics, games and TV series set in this universe and atmosphere. So we decided to take advantage of this fascination of mythos and do a mush-up of it all by creating a new line of miniatures. Models which are not only beautiful and matching the cosmic horror climate but also have references to our beloved characters from pop culture. Classic but yet fresh, our minis may be used for any tabletop gaming, role-playing games, or as a replacement for other games and even games set in Your own little altar of the Cthulhu Myths!

1 model of Dark Young One, cast in resin. Unpainted and unassembled. No base included. These items are miniature pieces, not a toy. Not suitable for small children.


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